Making care possible today requires formidable partnerships.We partner with like-minded brands who believe quality care should be more transparent, accessible, and affordable for all. Majority of our partners are sister companies (anchor partners) with a few external collaborations.


• Healthcare Partners

DCANS Healthcare UK, GMU Medical, Kaizer Pharma, DHIP.


• Capital Partners

Healthcare s obviously capital intensive and our partnership with our funding partners gives us clear path of growth and execution. DCANS Capital, Quidmaster Loans, DCANS Investments, Sikamaster Loans, DCANS FX, C57H, OSFO.


• Lending Partners

DCANS Pay and Quid Pay


• Payment Partners

DCANS Pay and Quid Pay


• Property Partners

DCANS Properties, DCANS Developments & Property Sultan.


• Logistics Partners

TDG Logistics and Glostar Motors