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Home Loans Specifically Designed for Medical Professionals (Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Physician Assistants or Technicians and other healthcare professionals). You do not need to work with DCANS Healthcare to qualify - This service is currently restricted to public sector healthcare workers (paid by Controller & Accountant Generals' Department) and professionals of DCANS Healthcare.

At The DCANS Group (parent company of DCANS Healthcare), we want to make buying or refinancing your home easy and affordable for all medical professionals – even if you’re just starting out. This service is available to both Ghana-resident healthcare workers and Returnee Healthcare workers.



• No Upfront Fees required

• Typical rates within 4.50% and 12.00% p.a.

• Up to 95% LTV

• Repayment period up to 30 years.

• Can be used for any property priced below GHS3m ($500,000)

• Your total household income (which may include your spouse and children), as well as future earning potential will be taken into consideration

• Can only be used

- to buy a property from DCANS Properties, or

- to buy a property from Rent to Buy Ghana, or

- for construction finance via Build Now Pay Later.



DCANS Properties, Rent to Buy Ghana and Build Now Pay Later are all sister outfits of ours (we share the same parent company).

Please take note: No Upfront Fees required to submit your details for processing if you are buying your home from DCANS Properties or Rent to Buy Ghana, but upfront fees will definitely be required if your are using Rent to Buy Ghana but with an external property or using the Build Now Pay Later options, which will cater for upfront cost as regards searches on Land Titles you provide us and other due diligence requirements. We summarize it in the table below...


 DCANS Properties
 Rent to Buy Ghana
 Build Now Pay Later
No Upfront Fees Required
 Using our in-house mortgage to buy any of our in-house properties in our inventory
 Using our in-house funds to buy any of our in-house properties in our inventory
Upfront Fees Required
 Using our in-house mortgage to buy a home from an external vendor.
 Using our in-house funds to buy a home from an external vendor.
 Required to do due diligence (multiple searches: land title, courts, BoG collateral registry)


Interest Rates

There's not catch to why we offer low rate home financing option in cedis - We guarantee low lending rates and restrict qualified properties to our in-house pool because the Combined Annualised Return of such Property Sales and home financing offers us a rate above the 364-day treasury bill rate (inflation protection hedge).



• Must be doctor, nurse, pharmacist or some other healthcare worker in the public sector to qualify.

• Must have worked for at least 2yrs (contiguous) post-qualification excluding national service


Types of Home Financing Available

 Delivery Partner
Build Now Pay Later
Pre-finance construction or completion of your home if you already own land.
 Land title, Building Permit (if already started), SSNIT Number, TIN, Payslips (Most recent 3 months)
Rent to Buy
 Option to convert rent to home equity if you don't already own land but also doesn't qualify for a conventional home mortgage with your current financial status.
 SSNIT Number, TIN, Payslips (Most recent 3 months)
Home Purchase Mortgage
 Classic Home Mortgage if your current monthly net salary, Age, and other factors qualify you for it.
 SSNIT Number, TIN, Payslips (Most recent 3 months)



All our partner property providers are sister companies within The DCANS Group Limited. A Home Finance Specialist from any of delivery partners (depending on which financing option you choose or we think suits you) will contact you after we receive your complete application form (more on that below).


Healthcare Mortgages Benefits

Having a mortgage with us opens a whole new world of opportunities for your, your family and professional development.

• Opportunity to borrow (including interest-free salary advance, school fees loans up to tertiary level and beyond for yourself or kids) at the click of the button from Sikamaster Loans (a local sister company) or Quidmaster Loans (a UK-based sister company) as an existing mortgage holder via our platform.

• Opportunity to buy home/kitchen appliances, kitchenware, food & groceries and pay later, while also enjoy free home/office delivery

• Ability to apply for low rate Auto Loans via Glostar Motors

• Loan Pay-off or Loan Consolidation onto our platform

• This service is available to both Ghana-resident healthcare workers and Returnee Healthcare workers. UK-based healthcare workers looking to return home and integrate into Ghana's Healthcare system can take advantage of our free Removal


Before you apply

There is no requirement for you to switch your current salary bank account to another BoG-regulated universal bank. However, you may be required to switch your salary bank account to a preferred BoG-regulated bank if/when we (including the property and funding partners) decide to sell our loan book portfolio to any of the existing Bank of Ghana regulated existing banks or a newly approved bank affiliated to The DCANS Group Limited. 


How to apply

Qualified applicants in the medical field can complete an online form here.

All loans are subject to credit qualification, creditworthiness and other factors.


All rates, promotions and offers are subject to change without notice. While you are free to work with any employer as a healthcare worker, we offer our employees and staff of DCANS Healthcare a lower rate within 4.00% - 7.00% p.a. when you choose to use this service to buy a home.