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DCANS Healthcare Credit (DHC) was established by the founder, Isaac Osei. Back in medical school, lots of people need timely healthcare but don’t have enough resources to pay for the procedure or medications not covered by the NHIS. It was then where Isaac Osei decided to create a company that would offer a credit option for medical patients. DHC financing designed specifically for health and wellness needs, and credit applications can be done strictly online only through this website. No Upfront Fees required.

Thank God for NHIS. But there are certainly instances where certain medications and/or medical procedures are not covered. As the first major healthcare provider in Ghana to offer “Care Now, Pay Later”, DCANS Healthcare’s partnership with DCANS Pay demonstrates a clear commitment to innovation and caters to the huge patient demand for more pocket-friendly payment options.

At DCANS Healthcare, we believe in offering our patients the benefits of comfort and effortlessness, and digital transformation is at the heart of all our services. The introduction of DCANS Pay into our payment procedures has elevated our omnichannel patient experience, while helping reduce financial stress with the flexibility of splitting a bill into multiple instalments at no additional cost. For patients who are salaried workers (public or private), you can use this service to preserve your life and pay later. This service is currently only available to the following categories:


How it works

The mechanism is simple: patients typically from the above prospective user groups select to pay with DCANS Pay and spread their bill over multiple instalments – with down payment being optional and the rest spread over several automatic payments in the future. Approval is instant and there is no interest or additional fees to use the service.



• If the patient is the same as the salaried worker, he/she may be required to provide a 2nd government worker as guarantor