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Pay for medical expenses not covered by the National Health Insurance Scheme(NHIS), or some other private medical or health insurance in Ghana. We provide this world-class healthcare financing service by leveraging technology in pulling existing customer data from the TDG Ecosystem (Onboarding Partners) and then qualify new customers who are expected to be salaried workers (public or private sector) who possess SSNIT number and a TIN, and with minimum of 2yrs contiguous employment history with their current employer. You're not restricted to seek healthcare from group-owned facilities, but you're free to go to any HeFRA-approved facility in Ghana (or relevant-approved facility aboard) - No Upfront Fees required !!

We provide flexible credit terms to HeFRA-regulated properly licensed Pharmacies and Hospitals for wholesale and distribution of drugs, medications and devices, without having to rely on expensive bank financing. Additionally, retail pharmacies have the option of integrating our Buy Now Pay Later Platform into their operations where we pay you in full for purchases made at your facility, before you even deliver the purchase -- with the option of even repaying your indebtedness to us (wherever applicable) with retail purchases. Details provided below.


Qualified Users

Service can currently be used by three (3) categories of users:

• SSNIT-registered Salaried Workers (Public / Private Sector)

• Owners of Registered Businesses In Ghana

• Existing Customers of The TDG Ecosystem*


* Medical evacuations (MedeVac / MediVac) are included in this Care Now Pay Later service, are obviously emergency situations and currently only available to Existing TDG Ecosystem customers whose customer data are already captured and accessible in real-time via the group's data platform, Doctopus. Other qualifying groups will be integrated onto the MediVac Platform after the integration of Doctopus with national databases are complete and real-time data accessibility and data quality (DQ) protocols are met.


We provide three(3) healthcare credit facilities for both individuals and businesses:

Buy Now Pay Later (Drugs & Devices)

Care Now Pay Later (In-patient & Out-patient)

Supplier's Credit (Pharmacies & Hospitals)


We offer three main healthcare financing options

 Upfront Fees
Buy Now Pay Later
 Used for Prescription Drugs or Medical Devices that are not covered by the NHIS.
 Existing TDG Ecosystem Customers/Clients or Salaried Workers (Public / Private Sector) with SSNIT and TIN
Care Now Pay Later
 Covers all in-patient and out-patient services that are not covered by the NHIS. This includes the Buy Now Pay Later option.
 Existing TDG Ecosystem Customers/Clients or Salaried Workers (Public / Private Sector) with SSNIT and TIN
Supplier's Credit
 Targeted at HeFRA-approved Hospitals & Pharmacies.
 Must obviously be a registered business of at least 2yrs operational history.