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Can I choose which hospital or clinic I am treated at?

Yes, we will try to care for you at the hospital or clinic nearest to you, or the one of your choosing. This is usually possible for most procedures but some specialist imaging services and treatments are only available at specific hospitals, so you may have to travel a short distance for these appointments.

Some levels of health insurance may restrict the location of your treatment. Please check with your insurance company or financier for their preferred list of hospitals.

What if I already started my treated?

If you've already started your treatment with another healthcare provider, we recommend that you and your family discuss your current treatment with your consultant before making any decisions about transferring. If you decide to transfer to our care we will work closely with your consultant to decide the most appropriate time to transfer you.

Should you be seeking a second opinion on your care, we offer a second opinion service for this and a specialist service for cancer care.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

We know that waiting for an appointment is a very anxious time. We can usually arrange an initial consultation for you within a few days, however many of our centres can accommodate same day or next day appointments. Should you require urgent treatment, we have a number of walk-in Urgent Care Centres, where you can be seen with a couple of hours.

We will ensure you know when your next appointment, test, scan or treatment time is and keep any waiting time as short as possible.

Do you have a critical care and intensive care units?

Unlike some other private hospitals, at DCANS Healthcare we have on-site critical care units. All of our hospitals are fitted with the highest level (level 3) intensive care and level 2 beds (High dependency), which means that we can give our patients immediate access to the acute and complex care when needed, that some smaller hospitals are unable to give.