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We seek to provide high-quality, high-value, cost-effective care for patients in collaboration with physicians, providers and DHI Plus. Central to our mission is a focus on clinical quality, including investments in patient care initiatives and information technology solutions that enable us to track and trend the quality of patient care, increase patient safety and increase the time our hospital staffs interact face-to-face with patients.

Our advanced healthcare information and clinical technology initiatives is expected to improve every aspect of our patient care and business processes resulting in:

• Higher quality care outcomes

• Improved patient safety programmes and processes

• Comprehensive, real-time access to patient records

• Increased collaboration and improved productivity

• Reduced documentation time for physicians and nurses

• Robust tracking of quality and patient-outcome scores

• Dedication to exceeding the expectations of all we serve, and achieving continuously high customer satisfaction feedback.


Our Culture

DCANS Healthcare employees, physicians and volunteers share these guiding and enduring values:

• We care about people, treating our patients and each other with dignity, compassion, and respect, respecting the feelings and viewpoints of others.

• Make the safety, comfort and well-being of our patients the top priority.

• We act with honesty and integrity. We are accountable to our patients and to one another.

• Are committed to working together, collaborating to provide the best possible health care.

• We encourage innovative thinking and leadership excellence, which promotes the advancement of quality and healthcare delivery.

• We persevere and continually strive to become better.

• Value all resources and use them wisely. The health care dollar is precious so spending it wisely is a core strategy of DCANS Healthcare and its health facilities.

• Making A Difference Every Day.