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We believe our key competitive strengths position us as a provider centric, multi-strategic provider of broad and differentiated healthcare services, with flexibility for growth in new and existing markets.

Our business strategy and geographic market focus are designed to steer patients to specific providers, capitalise on the expansion of integrated healthcare delivery models, growth in managed care in private- and government- sponsored health insurance programmes, the growing need for cost-effective healthcare delivery models and the consolidation of physician groups and health systems.

We believe our multi-pronged growth strategy enables us to pursue the total services opportunities in our existing geographic markets and provides us with greater optionality to enter new markets. The breadth of our services platform, including our acute care hospitals and broad array of inpatient and outpatient lines of business and access points and a diversified and growing managed care risk platform, is the key enabler of this strategy. We can offer delivery, health plan and risk management services on an individual or combined basis to each of our new and existing markets.

With solid financial strength, providing the resources that enable our hospitals to purchase new technologies, add services and recruit physicians to broaden the scope and quality of care; strengthening our relationships with physicians, recruiting strategically to meet community needs, and partnering to align incentives, together leveraging our experience, shared wisdom and size to identify best practices and create efficiencies.