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As Founder of The DCANS Group and originally trained as a medic himself, but having branched out into core finance, Isaac Osei provides the strategic vision, leadership, drive and oversight that enables DCANS Healthcare to fulfill its mission of providing high-quality, cost-effective healthcare through its care hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, other healthcare facilities and managed care platform. The founder is not directly involved in the day-to-day running of the health facilities - He will offer his expertise informed by a nuanced understanding of the healthcare industry’s trends and pressures. DH relies on the continuing recruitment of key team heads, professionals and new generation administrators.

DH Health care systems, hospitals, and other medical institutions depend on leaders and qualified professionals who have the wide-reaching perspective and nimble thinking required to navigate the industry and our model to thrive in this environment who will not only decipher critical policy issues, but also balance medical acumen with business problem-solving to make smart decisions, in maximising patient safety using the best practices of business, policy, and health care.

Committed to collaborating with all constituents, empowering those who deliver the care and those who lead the people and processes; Our de-centralised operations model allows our local leaders to do what they do best, while relying on corporate staff for resources, support and counsel.