Who we are

Healing is a process, not an event. We understand and respect this in our innovative world-class direct service delivery. DCANS Healthcare (DH) is part of the healthcare and medical education subgroup within The DCANS Group (TDG). DH has both profit and charitable motives: The former enables us to have far reaching impact on the latter over time.

DCANS Healthcare is both a healthcare facility management organisation and a direct healthcare provider, via a bespoke hybrid model adopted to thrive in a developing country environment. Comprising of hospitals, multiple clinics, outpatient surgical units, pharmacies, imaging centres, diagnostic centres and investments in urgent care centres and on-site employer-based clinics, that is expected to serve patients annually, and our diversified and growing managed care platform, Health Plans and its affiliated entities. It also has an investment management arm overseeing the sustainability and growth model.

Our business model is centered on deploying our care expertise and managed care platform, either separately or on an integrated basis, in urban and suburban markets to manage population health, integrate the delivery and payment of healthcare services and ultimately expand our total market opportunities within our existing and new geographic markets.


Who We Are?

Our innovative solutions is aimed at improving the quality of care, decrease overall costs and navigate one of Ghana’s most befuddling bureaucracies.


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